The Best Tanzania Safari Guides Are Found At The Best Companies

So if you identify the top Tanzanian guides as I've done below, you also simultaneously end up with a list of the leading operators in the industry.

The reason for this is that the premier companies know that the guides play a very important role in the quality of the safaris that they provide, so they attract, keep and develop (using in-house training, salary packages, promotion from within etc.) exceptional guides.

And that means when you go on a Tanzania safari with any of these guides, you will get the best African experience you possibly can.

Get The Very Best Tanzania Safari Company and Guide For Your Trip

Our recommendation service pinpoints an exceptional operator and guide for your safari based on your own unique requirements. Here's exactly how the Top Safari Guides recommendation process works...

To get an idea of what using a Top Safari Guide will cost you, they are sorted into different rates categories based on what the companies that employ them (or that the guides themselves own), charge.

The rate indications below are in US Dollars and exclude international and inter-Africa airfares. Low season rates can be about 25% less than high season rates...

(*pppn = per person per night spent on safari)

Click on the relevant Rates icon below to sort all the guides that fall into that category, and then click on the guides picture to get a detailed biography about them and their career.

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Tanzania Safari Guide Grading

There is no official body in Tanzania that does grading and assessment certification for safari guides like there are in other African countries. Requirements to be a legal safari guide in this country include having a certificate from a recognized training institution in tour guiding, experience as a guide, training in first aid and a valid driving permit.

So for individuals to qualify for the Tanzania Top Safari Guides list they need to conform to the above requirements and have a minimum of eight(8) years of guiding experience. They should also be in full-time employment with a safari company earning a monthly salary, or if they are contract guides they need to spend the majority of their time guiding for one company.They should also undergo regular guiding training.


These are some of the organizations that provide safari guide certification in Tanzania: The College Of Wildlife Management Mweka, Moshi College and the Tropical Centre Institute Arusha.