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Top South Africa Safari Guides

South Africa is blessed with some of the best safari guides on the continent due to the exceptional training and experience available in the country.

This is important because the guide makes a huge difference to the quality of your safari experience at the end of the day. A top safari guide has the ability to transform a commonplace experience into a life changing one, an average trip into an unforgettable adventure.

So don't take the risk of getting an ordinary guide, make absolutely sure you go with an extraordinary one.

Choose the budget you have allocated for your South Africa safari below and the top guides in that rates category will be listed. Then click on the picture of the safari guide for more detailed information about them and the reserve or park they operate in...

The number of years and the icon below each picture indicates how long they have been guiding.

The rate indications below are in US Dollars and exclude international and inter-Africa airfares but include accommodation, food, activities and guiding.

(*pppn = per person per night spent on safari)

South Africa Safari Guide Grading And Assessment Qualification

FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) is the national body responsible for grading and assessing field guides and they set the standard for nature guiding practise in South Africa.

They award three qualifications after practical and theoretical assessment and examinations, the most basic being the Field Guide (NQF2) qualification, followed by the Advanced Field Guide (NQF4) qualification and the highest qualification being the Specialist Field Guide.

To qualify for the South Africa Top Safari Guides list, guides need an Advanced or Specialist Field Guide qualification from FGASA plus a minimum of five (5) years experience or at least ten (10) years experience if they have the entry level Field Guide qualification.

They also need to have all the relevant legal qualifications to practice as a guide in South Africa such as a first aid certificate and a public drivers permit (PDP).