Premier Uganda Safari Guides

Uganda is the home of the mountain gorilla safari but there are other national parks and game reserves in the country that are also well worth a visit.

Such as the Queen Elizabeth National Park where you could encounter the resident tree climbing lions and unique bird life, Kibale for tracking chimpanzees and Murchison Falls to see the origin of the Nile river.

To visit these areas effectively you need a safari guide, and the ones below are some of the best that you can find in Uganda. Click on the guides picture to get a detailed biography about them and their career.

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The rate indications below are in US Dollars and exclude international and inter-Africa airfares but include accommodation, food, activities and guiding.

  • Rates: = BUDGET & STANDARD Less than $300 pppn*
  • Rates: = LUXURY: From $300 to $450 pppn*
  • Rates: = ULTRA LUXURY: From $450 to $600 pppn*
  • Rates: = OUT OF THIS WORLD: Higher than $600 pppn*

(*pppn = per person per night spent on safari)

Uganda Safari Guide 1

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Rates: $$$
Uganda Safari Guide 1

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Rates: $$$

Uganda Safari Guide Grading

There is no official body in Uganda that does grading and assessment certification for safari guides like there are in some other African countries. The Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) is a company where guides can recieve training and certification. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which is a semi-autonomous government agency that conserves and manages Uganda’s wildlife also provides training and courses for guides. Tourism degrees and diplomas are also offered by tertiary education institutions.

Requirements to be a legal safari guide in this country include having a certificate or qualification from a recognized training institution in tour guiding, training in first aid and a valid driving permit.

So for individuals to qualify for the Uganda Top Safari Guides list they need to conform to the above requirements and have a minimum of six (6) years of guiding experience. They should also undergo regular guiding training.