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Top Safari Guides provides this recommendation service and the three pre-travel eBooks free of charge and without obligation. Your e-mail address won't be shared under any circumstances.

How The Recommendation Process Works

Three Free Pre-Travel eBooks Included With Your Recommendation

  • A Detailed Packing List - Leave Nothing Behind

    Tick off every item using whichever device you choose (mobile, tablet, PC) as you pack them into your suitcase. This list has been compiled using over 40 years of safari experience, ensuring you take everything you need for a successful trip.

  • How To Choose The Best Safari Binoculars

    Make sure you get this decision 100% right by using this essential advice. It really can make a huge difference to your wildlife viewing in Africa.

  • Better Safari Photography

    Use this 52 page eBook to make the most photographically of the limited time you will have on safari. Get the very best pictures under the unique set of circumstances such a trip presents you with.

These free eBooks are in PDF format so a PDF reader on any of your devices will be able to open them. As soon as you have confirmed the safari company you are travelling with, these eBooks will be e-mailed to you to help with your pre-travel preparation.

Advantages Of Using This Recommendation Service

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Saves You Time

We do all the legwork to determine the finest guides and companies so you don't have to. Cuts down on your safari planning time considerably.

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Make The Right Choice

This is a once in a lifetime trip so you need to make sure to get your guide and company decision spot on.

Let us help you with our many years of experience and extensive operator and guide vetting. We live in Africa, so we know it best.

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Peace Of Mind

Sleep soundly knowing that this is the best safari company and guide you can get for your unique situation, and they won't let you down.

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Go Direct

There is no middleman involved as the recommended safari companies and guides are the actual ones that will manage and run the safari directly in Africa.

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No Charge, No Obligation

Ask us for a recommendation at no risk to you because it's free, and there is no obligation at all on your part.

If you do decide to book with the recommended company and guide, you would pay exactly the same as if you found and booked with them directly on your own, no mark-up is applied.