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Get the best of both worlds with a field guide that knows the countries courses, reserves and national parks like the back of his hand.

  • LANGUAGE GRADUATE (From a UK institution)
  • 2000 TO PRESENT: Guiding in East and Southern Africa.


During my childhood I was introduced into the world of guiding through my parents who had their own tour operator company.

In accompanying my parents I was able to learn a great deal about the flora and fauna of East and Southern Africa and it was then, from this early age, that I found my love for nature and developed my great respect for the wilderness and its people.


As in any job if you have passion for what you are doing then you will be good at it. I have had the luxury of living a good deal of my life on safari.

I am now lucky enough to live a lifelong dream and my passion for the great out doors has now become my job and the bush is now my office.


I was once asked on a game drive if giraffes were solely herbivores. Of course my response was yes. About 10 minutes later I came around the corner and there was a giraffe chewing on a bone!

It was difficult to explain to my guests that this does happen but everyone was in fits of laughter for the rest of the safari every time the word giraffe or herbivore came up.


Leopard. Everything about them - beauty, stealth, power, opportunism, adaptable and camouflage.


There are so many but the following series of remarkable events over a period of just under two hours in the Maasai Mara a couple of years ago will stick in my mind forever.

Guests and I watched a cheetah kill of a Thomson's gazelle from from start to finish. The female ate for about half an hour before two very well fed lionesses appeared on the horizon and chased her off. Having sniffed the kill for ten minutes or so the lionesses decided that they were already full and moved off.

As I was about to follow them a male leopard dashed out of a nearby bush picked up the kill and dragged it off into a nearby 'lugga' and proceeded to feed on it.

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Photography was never something that really interested me before I became a guide. However, being immersed constantly over the years in what can only be described as the best photographic opportunities in the world, has led me to become a very keen photographer.

I am familiar with many camera systems and am happy to assist with operations or offer advice on how to get the best shot. Certainly guiding the likes of artists such as Nick Brandt and David Yarrow have greatly enhanced my knowledge of how a camera works and what to look for out there.

I am a fanatical fly-fisherman and spend much of my time outside of safaris on the crystal clear trout streams of Kenya's central highlands. I am also a very keen golfer and have led specialised Kenya golf safari and fishing safaris all over the country.

My experience, knowledge of and enthusiasm for both flora and fauna as well as being fluent in English, Kiswahili, French and Spanish, ensures everyone has an unforgettable Kenya golf safari and hopefully leaves with that feeling of wanting to come back to see more of this amazing continent.

I am fortunate to be able to call Africa my home and like all good things it needs to be shared!


Recently in Botswana I witnessed three leopardesses fighting over an impala kill in a tree.

I am not sure of the relationship between them or who had in fact made the kill but it was extremely aggressive to the point that two fought so hard that they both fell out of the tree onto the ground in front of our vehicle.

We had to leave due to darkness but returned the next morning to find two of the leopardesses feeding on the third one. To this day I do not have an answer to exactly why this happened.

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The one about the 27 lion outside my tent for several hours, roaring, scampering and sniffing.

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