These 3 Free Pre-Travel eBooks Help You Prepare for Your Trip

Preparing for a guided or self drive African trip is an exciting time but it can also be challenging because there are some things that need to be taken care of before you leave...

Going On A Self Drive Trip - Use The "Pre-Trip Shopping List" eBook

This list will help you buy all the groceries you need for meals on your self drive holiday. Tick the items off on your phone as you add them to your trolley in the supermarket. Really useful for meal planning in advance.

And it also helps you make sure not to leave any of the consumable items at home...

Here's what this ebook contains...

Consumables List

17 essential items and space to add 30 of your own.

Self Catering Shopping List

62 items grouped in categories like groceries, drinks, perishable goods, fruit and vegetables, snacks and space to add 40 of your own.

Going On A Guided Safari - Use The "Safari Packing List" eBook

This packing list means you won't have to worry about the frustration of leaving something behind or taking something that you won't need on your African safari. Tick the items off as you pack them into your suitcase on whichever device you choose (mobile, tablet, PC).

Here's what this ebook contains...

Avoid These Safari Clothes Mistakes

Nine things you should stay away from when it comes to safari clothing.

Safari Shoes - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Advice about the best safari shoes to take with to Africa.

Safari Clothes Packing List

12 essential clothing items that you can tick off as you pack and space for adding your own to the list.

Toiletries and First Aid

24 indespensible items that you can tick off as you pack and space for adding your own to the list.

Safari Hat Advice

Safari hats have three very important functions to perform so if you are looking to get one make sure that it does these three things well.

Safari Luggage Recommendations

There are two critical things to remember about the luggage you take on safari.

Safari Equipment

18 crucial pieces of equipment that you can tick off as you pack and space for adding your own to the list.


14 vital documents that you can tick off as you pack and space for adding your own to the list.

"Better Safari Photography" eBook (56 pages)

This guide will help you improve your safari photo skills using advice from a photographer with over forty years experience taking African wildlife pictures.

Suitable for a novice getting to grips with photography for the first time, right through to the intermediate and advanced photographer wanting to get the best results in the limited time available on an African safari.

Here's what the ebook contains...

Best Safari Lenses

List of ten factors that will help you choose the right lens for your trip, two bridge camera and five DSLR lens recommendations.

Advice about lens rental options and the viability of buying to resell after your safari.

The Top Safari Cameras

So which is better for a safari, a compact (bridge) or DSLR camera? This long standing question is resolved with two kinds of bridge and three DSLR cameras recommended.

How To Stabilize Your Camera In Low Light

It's essential to have some kind of rest in the safari vehicle to prevent blurring during dawn and dusk photography.

The ebook details all the best ones for use during guided and self drive safaris.

Media Storage Options

The best kinds of media storage to take with on safari and a calculator to work out how much is enough.

Charging Your Equipment

The nightmare scenario is running out of camera power right when the sighting of a lifetime presents itself. Learn how to avoid this with a list of power sources available.

Camera Gear And Flying

Find out how you can manage the carry-on hand luggage weight limits with your camera equipment when flying.

Questions To Ask Your Safari Company

Some African safari companies are considerably more 'photographer friendly' than others.

To get an idea of how the operator you're planning on using for your safari rates on this aspect, there are six questions you could ask them.

Top Safari Photography Guides

To maximise your chances of getting exceptional pictures on a guided safari, it's advisable that the person leading your trip is not only a gifted photographer but also a highly qualified and experienced guide.

Guides of this calibre are few and far between but the ebook contains a list of several of the best of them.

Dealing With Dust

Five ways to keep your camera equipment as dust free as possible.

Camera Gear Insurance

For high value camera equipment it's advisable to take out insurance. There are three different options you can take advantage of.

Top Four Safari Photography Destinations

Not all areas are created equal when it comes to taking wildlife pictures, some have more advantages than others.

Photo Editing Options

The editing process is just as important as your camera equipment in getting good photography results.

Advice on how to do it yourself or get it done for you professionaly and affordably.

Display Your Best Pictures on Your Wall

An excellent way to remember, relive and share your safari trip with family and friends is to hang up one or more of the images you took on your wall.

Learn which is better, canvas vs framed prints, how to choose the perfect size and the recommended companies to use in your country.

Eight Essential Safari Photography Tips

The #1 tip for improved pictures on a guided and self drive safari and seven other tips that are essential to know.


Use The "Best Safari Binoculars" eBook To Choose The Perfect One

Make sure you get this decision 100% right because it really can make a huge difference to your wildlife viewing in Africa.

Here's what this ebook contains...

Essential Safari Binocular Characteristics

6 vital characteristics that will influence your choice of binoculars for the trip.

Recommended Safari Binoculars Brands

These three brands conform well to all the necessary specifications and I recommend them highly for any African safari.

Safari Binoculars Rental

Renting binoculars for your safari can make a lot of sense if you don't really have a need for them after your trip.

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